Berlin-Brandenburger Forschungsplattform BB3R

BB3R Spring Schools

Spring School VI - Ethical and legal aspects and 3R approaches
Ethical and legal aspects of animal experimentation and 3R approaches The BB3R Spring Schools are part of the mandatory course program on alternative test methods to animal experimentation within the graduate program BB3R. This year the VI. BB3R Spring School is organized by the Freie Universität Berlin and takes place in Berlin Dahlem. The seminars are open to PhD students and ...
Zeit18.03.2020 - 20.03.2020
Spring School V - Refinement in Animal Experimentation
Zeit18.03.2019 - 21.03.2019
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Spring School IV - Alternatives to Animal Testing
Zeit09.04.2018 - 13.04.2018
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Spring School III - Tierversuche - Rechtliche und ethische Aspekte
Zeit03.04.2017 - 05.04.2017
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Spring School II - Refinement in Animal Experimentation
Zeit11.04.2016 - 14.04.2016
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Spring School I - Alternatives to Animal Testing
Zeit16.03.2015 - 19.03.2015
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